I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart. Pope John XXIII

I am a woman, and at times I wonder about all the facets of a woman. Sometimes I am the healer, the sex kitten, the cleaning lady, the chauffer, the chaperone, the fashionista and the list could go on and on. When we use the term multi-personality, are we actually describing a woman, not that we are crazy, but that we have to be so many different people in our lives. I think that is why I love defining who I am not only by my personality, but also by my style, and how I dress. Life is short people and since I have to be 10 different women today I want to look great being all of them even the cleaning lady.

February 28, 2010

Windy Hill

Here is my first outfit pic, it is sunday and my husband and I were strolling along our little village, we live in central texas in a place which is not even called a town, it is actually a village, it is a place where there are great little shops, antique places, art galleries and the like.  During most parts of the year people come and stay at the little bed and breakfast places and stroll the town looking for things they can't live without.  Today I purchased a ring from a antique dealer who was having a sale.  The ring I bought has an eagle on it, see pic below, with mexico turquoise.  So cool.  I also put some pics of some of the places we visited.  I hope your weekend was tranquil and wonderful. 

This isn't a really good pic, but my husband was wanting to head home at this point because the wind was picking up alot, making the temperature a lot cooler. 

Twelveth of Eleven Tee
Charlotte Russe Zip Up Cardigan
Ana Distressed Jeans
Eagle Turquoise Ring

These pics are of the some of the antique places we browsed through today. 

This is a backyard that you can overlook from the bridge in the next pic.  Of course a troll overlooks most bridges right.

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