I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart. Pope John XXIII

I am a woman, and at times I wonder about all the facets of a woman. Sometimes I am the healer, the sex kitten, the cleaning lady, the chauffer, the chaperone, the fashionista and the list could go on and on. When we use the term multi-personality, are we actually describing a woman, not that we are crazy, but that we have to be so many different people in our lives. I think that is why I love defining who I am not only by my personality, but also by my style, and how I dress. Life is short people and since I have to be 10 different women today I want to look great being all of them even the cleaning lady.

March 27, 2010


Okay I know probably no one is reading my blog, and that is okay, but if you were I have been absent about a week and half.  A family friend's son passed away in a car wreck so I haven't been in the blogging mood, but if you are reading my blog I will get back to it this next week.  So for all of you having great weather, go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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